1. Coastal Comic Con is intended as a family-friendly community-based event and as such, certain cosplays may be denied entry. These include:

  • Cosplays with sexual overtones or that are sexually explicit
  • Cosplays that display overt political or religious references
  • Cosplays that depict graphic violence or gore
  • Cosplays inciting of hate or crime; and uniforms, emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity
  • Cosplays displaying profanities or sexual acts

2. Please be aware that while Coastal Comic Con encourages all our attendees to cosplay appropriate for a family event, some cosplay costumes may be intimidating for younger children and people of a nervous disposition and we advise appropriate adult, carer discretion and/or supervision.

3. We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. Coastal Comic Con operate a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour and it will result in immediate eviction from the site with no refund. You can view our full Anti-Harassment policy here.

4. A number of items are forbidden at Coastal Comic Con. These include:

  • Any metal edged object such as knives, axes or swords.
  • Guns/Bows that shoot projectiles or could be enabled to shoot a projectile – eg. air guns, Airsoft weapons, crossbows, or replicas of actual guns, also including real weapons.  Weapons must not have any firing mechanisms or be able to fire any projectiles including water or other liquids.
  • Hard bats, paddles or clubs e.g. wooden or metal baseball bats, golf clubs.
  • Sharp items e.g. arrows, bolts, protruding nails.
  • Silly string.
  • Heavy tools and power tools e.g. iron pokers, crowbars, drills, chainsaws.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Glitter and/or confetti.
  • Smoke or fire.
  • Chemical weapons, explosives, and incendiary devices e.g. mace, pepper spray.
  • Any items restricted or prohibited from being carried by law e.g. knuckledusters, nunchucku, and bokken.

Items that people normally carry such as umbrellas or walking sticks are allowed.

5. All realistic looking prop weapons must have a visible orange tip to them.

6. Please ensure that all your cosplay weapons are kept concealed or covered and not visible to the general public when outside of the venue. Please also show the same courtesy of covering props or keeping props out of sight when travelling home after the event. We ask all attendees to avoid any activity that could cause public alarm.

Coastal Comic Con reserve the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund to anyone deemed to be breaking these rules. Moreover, Coastal Comic Con and security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance.