Hugo Myatt is Coastal Comic Con’s Latest Special Guest!

We’re delighted to announce our latest guest star for Coastal Comic Con – Hugo Myatt!

Hugo is a familiar face to generations for his role as Treguard the Dungeon Master and presenter of the cult ITV children’s show Knightmare, which continues to find audiences today. As Treguard he was hugely influential to an entire generation, encouraging many to follow their dreams into careers in gaming, fantasy fiction and much more.

Aside from steering contestants through the most difficult of virtual dungeons, Hugo has had a long career on stage and screen featuring in over a hundred theatre productions.

He is also an accomplished voice actor, working extensively with Big Finish Productions and providing voices for the classic video game Fable. Onscreen he has appeared alongside Danny Dyer in the movies ‘Dead Cert’ and Vendetta and in cameo on classic childrens’ television shows Dick and Dom in da Bungalow and ‘Chucklevision‘.