Cosplay Guests Final Reveal!

There we have it folks, our 3 main cosplay guests and judges for the day of the con! Drack, Rebel Wolf and Weatherwax! All lovely people and excellent cosplayers… Are you excited? Who’s ready for more announcements?

Drack Cosplay Coming To CCC

Did you guess? That’s right, Drack Cosplay is coming to CCC to guest and judge! #LetsGetWarhammered Drack is a mainly armour based cosplay, whose expertise is in foam craft, but who will be happy to talk to our attendees about a whole raft of techniques though from thermoplastics, sewing, fibre glass work, moulding and many more.  Who’s…
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The Cosplay Journal to Attend Coastal Comic Con

We are pleased to announce that The Cosplay Journal will be in attendance and supporting the con next September! The Cosplay Journal is a coffee table publication, focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay. They show that anyone from any walk of life can get involved in cosplay, and that we are all capable…
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Early Bird Tickets Now On Sale!

We may have had poor weather over the weekend, but come the time of the con next year, it should be glorious! Early Bird tickets have sold fast over the weekend… they are limited though so grab yours before they’re gone! Get them here while you still can!