At Coastal Comic Con we are looking for eager volunteers to join our team to assist making the event the best it can possibly be!

We’re looking for those with positive attitudes and a desire to help wherever you can!

As a volunteer you will be asked to work one shift (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) and in return will be given free entry to the event. Alternatively you can choose to volunteer for the full day event and also receive free entry to the After Party.*

We will supply you with all the information needed for your position and an enjoyable day working alongside the CoCoCon crew as well as our amazing attendees.

Positions you may be asked to fill include:

Guest Liaison: You’ll be assigned to assist our guests, taking care of their tables when they are on breaks, general welfare of guests and minor queue management.

Line Control: You will be there to meet attendees at entry and to events such as photo ops, talks etc. This involves some crowd control and a lot of standing. You may be assigned an indoor OR an outdoor position.

Rover: Being available on site for your assigned shift to fill in where/when needs arise. This is a crucial position.

Stewarding: You will assigned a position within the event to ensure flow through hallways and doorways and answering questions. This involves some crowd control and a lot of standing.

Ticket Sales: You will assist with ticket sales on the day of the event.

Trade Liaison: You will be on hand to assist traders and ensure all is running smoothly.

Welfare: You’ll be on hand to ensure that anyone who requires special assistance will have someone they can turn to in emergencies.


If you are a University or College and wish to discuss your students assisting at Coastal Comic Con or you require any further information then please feel free to email us at

*Volunteers who are present for the full day event will also receive refreshments and access to the green room.


Please fill in the form below to apply.